New Intinor product – Direkt router lite

New Intinor product – Direkt router lite

Intinor just released the new Direkt router lite

”Since we first presented the Direkt router, there has been many requests for a small, quiet, low-cost model for just receiving and sending IP video streams in a robust way over the Internet. I’m very happy that we can now start to ship this product in combination with our new transport protocol Bifrost.” says Roland Axelsson


Direkt router lite comes with many of the same powerful features as Direkt router rack. Including:

    • ISS for web based management
    • Network transport protocols in/out for video streaming (UDP, TCP and Bifrost Reliable Transport™)
    • A REST-based open API


It can also be used as a receiver for a mobile reporter by adding the NDI-out option.

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