We can provide you with first-class service and support!

Get full support all the way

It is very important for us to provide excellent products and solutions. It is an equally important priority to provide excellent service and support. With over a decade in the business we have learned that it normally is a lot of equipment involved in a live broadcast, studio show, webTV production etcetera. Therefore we offer our customers attractive support packages together with our products. As a customer of Intinor you will risk no additional costs because of possibly malfunctioning equipment and can be confident of getting an entirety that works.


Since we usually sign 12-month support contracts we know that we have to deliver good system with good support for the agreements to be extended. We are pleased that in principle every contract gets extended – we take that as an acknowledgment of our work and are grateful for the confidence.

Support is normally open during Swedish office hours weekdays 08-17, GMT+1, +46(0)90-3493905
Professional assistance
Helpdesk included

All customers with support contract get access to our helpdesk staffed with skilled technicians. It is open during Swedish business hours (08-17, GMT+1) and can also be reached via e-mail. In need for support outside office hours? It is possible to purchase – welcome to contact us for more information and booking!